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Craftsmanship Without Compromise

It’s not simply change that interests us, but addressing each client’s individual desires in a way that makes them nod and say, yes, the design experience exceeded my highest expectations. Through our educational, step-by-step format during the concept and design phase, our unique approach will provide you with clear insight and a full understanding of all aspects of your refurbishment.

The slightest details of personal preferences are considered in every decision from fabric choice to cabin configuration. Beyond visual appeal, aircraft engineers satisfy technical feasibility, weight and maintenance efficiency, marrying form and function with both beauty and intelligence. It’s these collective considerations that distinguish a status quo “refurbishment” from the personal touch of our truly extraordinary design experience.

Hand-crafted with inspiring attention to detail, exotic wood veneers are fashioned and meticulously polished to a brilliant, durable finish. Whether refurbishing existing cabinetry or fabricating entirely new, our combination of experience, pride and skill confidently defines the character of each and every surface.

  • Light weight, composite panel construction
  • Exotic and domestic wood species
  • Custom inlays and finishes
  • Advanced designs for galleys, vanities, tables, ledges, pocket doors and bulkheads

Magnificent attention to detail is the hallmark of our success. Nowhere is it more apparent than in the hand stitched leathers and finely woven fabrics that further define the character of each interior. Achieving the subtleties of finish and finesse calls for the meticulous skill of a master upholsterers hand, eye and creative mind. With a seemingly endless selection of exotic leathers and stylish upholstery choices, each interior becomes a collection of personalized details.

  • Multi-density fire blocking foam contoured for comfort and design
  • Expertise in 16G dynamically certified seating
  • Extensive selection of the world’s finest leathers and fabrics
  • Custom upholstery design and details
  • Light-weight seats and divans

To enhance your travel experience, we integrate the most sophisticated and advanced technology in audio and video to create a superior custom system. Whether you enjoy watching movies or relaxing to music, we optimize each passenger’s visual and listening experience through a wide range of in-flight entertainment:

  • LCD flat screen monitors
  • i-Pad, i-Pod, DVD, CD, Satellite Radio, amplifiers and speakers
  • Moving map displays and in-flight television
  • Cabin management and entertainment switch panels

Update the look of your aircraft by modifying the window line and periphery. The sleek visual appeal achieves the streamlined look of today’s latest generation aircraft. We use composite materials exclusively, providing superior strength and significant weight savings. Our engineers, craftsman and installers have extensive experience in both the repair and fabrication of composite materials.

  • Contoured headliner and PSU panels
  • One-piece window line panels
  • New “wide inside” interior shells
  • New galleys, vanities, tables, ledges, pocket doors and bulkheads

A quiet, comfortable cabin is paramount. External noise is significantly reduced after expert acoustical mapping and the installation of advanced sound dampening and thermal insulation materials. By replacing heavy, outdated insulation, new light-weight materials reduce overall aircraft weight. Additionally, thermal insulation eliminates hot-and-cold spotting, blocks exterior radiant heat and helps maintain interior temperatures.

  • Acoustical mapping and calculations
  • Sound dampening materials engineered for your specific aircraft
  • Custom thermal insulation packages

Dedicated to enhancing your in-flight productivity, we continually research technologically-advanced electronics to provide the most reliable and well-designed systems. With calculated consideration to your flight profile, we intelligently identify and install the latest in LED lighting, satellite communications and high speed data transfer.

  • LED lighting systems
  • Satellite communication systems and high-speed data transfer
  • Electrical inverters to support computers, entertainment equipment and galley appliances
  • Cockpit video camera systems