Baccarat Elevated To New Heights

Exquisite Baccarat JCB Passion Collection Champagne Decanter and Flutes Onboard An IJI Couture G550 Private Jet


International Jet Interiors Elevates Baccarat To New Heights

Among the myriad of reasons why our clients fly privately, is the opportunity to utilize their time wisely and well while en-route to their destination. The ability to make time stand still and be able to enjoy the journey is a luxury in and of itself.

In our never-ending quest to elevate the travel experience, we share conversation about all things Baccarat, what makes an experience memorable and the importance of celebrating life’s simplest moments in an extraordinary way. Highlighting Baccarat crystal's beauty and sharing insight into their process will no doubt have you looking for reasons to celebrate and toast with dear friends and family - whether at 40,000 ft or from your living room at home.

Baccarat is known for their master-craftsmanship and passion for their craft of glass blowing and sculpting crystal. From their first royal commission in 1823 and consistently through today, Baccarat is synonymous with luxury and the pinnacle of excellence world wide.

What most people don’t “see” when they select a handcrafted piece of Baccarat is just what that level of expertise entails. Typically, it will take 15 years for an artist to reach master craftsman status at Baccarat. Mastering centuries old techniques and skill while introducing modern ideas is how Baccarat has stayed relevant and in the forefront of luxury.

When we select Baccarat glasses for our aircraft completions, we consider each client’s unique travel profile and their dining preferences while on board their private jet. As you can imagine, many of our clients are wine connoisseurs and truly appreciate the difference a fine coupe or glass will make. Selecting the proper stemware and barware is an essential component of creating the finest experience for our clients.


Our design team’s first-hand experience and expertise, is what makes our completions so robust and successful. During an aircraft refurbishment, IJI's engineers and designers outline and intelligently anticipate cabin needs of a client, their guests, flight attendants and pilots. Not only do we need to understand a client’s personal preferences, but we also need to highlight and navigate away from potential issues or problems that may arise within the cabin as it relates to space, weight, practicality and ease of use.

Glassware, along with all of our cabin couture designs are held to the highest rigor and standards, to ensure the most extraordinary experiences for our clients. Our process is flawless. We convert our original, hand sketched designs and utilize our engineering department’s 3-D renderings to evaluate all angles of a passenger’s field of view.  What will a client see while seated? What will be their reach while seated at a conference table, single seat or divan? We determine what will be required for crystal and glassware storage - identifying base dimensions, cup holder width and depth requirements. Glass selections are considered during our design phase, as each individual option has the potential to impact fabrication of glass racks, cup holders and drink rail configuration.

For drinks, the Harmonie Tumbler tends to be a favorite Baccarat selection among clients for its feel, weight, diameter and aesthetic. Its’ parallel, vertical lines invoke a very distinct, tactile experience.

Featured below, a delicious way for you to enjoy Baccarat Harmonie and an iconic Dame De Coeur.


Our tagline at International Jet Interiors is “Experience Something Extraordinary®." We know when we are handcrafting the aircraft of our client's dreams, we are creating the nuances and memories onboard they will cherish forever as well. Nothing short of extraordinary is on our radar and we present Baccarat when the appropriate circumstances arise for a client and their preferred style of travel.