Boaz, Bluestone & Bronze

The natural cabin tones selected onboard this Gulfstream created the perfect landscape to highlight the unmistakable bluestone and bronze work of art by famed sculptor Boaz Vaadia.

Famous for his unique hand-sculpted collection that features natural elements artfully handcrafted into single piece statues, we thoughtfully selected Hattush with assistance from well-known Sponder Gallery, for his dimensions and his calming, yet inquisitive and strong stance of appearing to be taking “a closer look”, as if to see deeper beyond the obvious. The smooth, mesmerizing ripples in the bluestone, and the warmth of the solid stone simply added an additional layer of sophistication onboard, as it elevated the experience to an unexpected dimension.

Our continuous desire to create the ultimate cabin experience, coupled with our passion to absorb all- things art, nature, fashion, culture and current trends from around the globe, collectively fuel our success in creating the most talked about aircraft on any runway. As we outfit the cabins of our client’s aircrafts, we have a unique vantage to learn what their interests are and embrace the opportunity to design, fabricate and fabulously create personalized and unique environments for them to call home from the moment they board until the moment they land at their destination.


Custom private jet designed and outfitted by International Jet Interiors features artist Boaz Vaadia's "Hattush" sculpture onboard in the mid cabin.