Dassault Falcon Jet Ushers In A New Era of Aviation with 6X & 10X Aircraft

"For an aircraft to fly well, it must be beautiful" - Marcel Dassault

Falcon Jet 10X Cockpit - Photo Courtesy Of Falcon Jet


International Jet Interiors is your passport for inside access, featuring an exclusive glimpse into the exciting future of Dassault Falcon Jet, as they introduce their new 6X and 10X aircrafts.

The business of private aviation is a multi-billion dollar industry, with major manufacturers of aircraft continuously evolving and looking at ways to produce faster, wider, longer options. Falcon Jet successfully maintains their favored position on the runway with well thought out and comfort-centric features that will intelligently be incorporated on the new 6X and 10X models.

Born from a unique collaboration between Pan American Airways and Dassault Aviation on December 1, 1972, Dassault Falcon Jet Corp is known throughout the industry as a true aviation lover's aircraft. With military and engineering at the core of its roots, the look and shape of a Falcon Jet is unmistakable on any runway. Initially defense aircraft, the efficiency and intelligence that is integrated into each Falcon Jet model continues to stand out in the aviation field.

The new Dassault Falcon 6X and 10X are raising private jet travel to entirely new heights, giving aviation enthusiasts a multitude of cabin configuration options, integrated technology, as well as long range capabilities.

Falcon 6X Runway Facts:

  • The Falcon 6X is in an entirely new category known as the ultra widebody business jet.
  • The new 6X cabin is the tallest and widest in business aviation
  • The 6X is capable of traveling 5,500nm (10,186 km) with a top speed of Mach .90
  • The Falcon 6X features 30 windows plus a unique skylight
  • The 6X has the capability of landing in the most desirable destinations that notoriously are known for their difficult runways including London City, Saint-Tropez, and Aspen
The New Falcon 6X Exterior - Photo Courtesy Of Dassault Falcon Jet


The New Falcon 6x Cabin - Photo Courtesy Of Dassault Falcon Jet


Falcon 10X Runway Facts:

  • The new Falcon 10X offers the greatest cabin flexibility and the largest cabin cross section on the market.
  • The 10X cabin features customized zones tailored to a client's individual flying preferences
  • The Falcon 10X cabin is 6 feet, 8 inches (2.03 m) tall and 9 feet, 1 inch wide
  • It can fly nonstop from New York to Shanghai and Los Angeles to Sydney
  • The 10X cabin altitude is the lowest in the industry, resulting in reduced travel fatigue
  • With the ability to travel 7,500 nm (13,900 km), the Falcon 10X connects all major international business destinations nonstop.
  • The Falcon 10X features 38 large windows
Floorplan Options Onboard The New Falcon 10X - Photo Courtesy Of Dassault Falcon Jet


Shower Onboard The New Falcon 10X - Photo Courtesy Of Falcon Jet


One of the finest fleet of aircraft found on runways around the world, our long-standing relationship with Dassault Falcon Jet is built on mutual respect for each other’s craft.

International Jet Interiors has over three decades of hands on experience refurbishing Falcon Jets and continues to build upon that expertise by placing priority on heralding the Dassault history, heritage and philosophy. By immersing and educating ourselves in their past, present and their future goals, we fundamentally integrate our firsthand knowledge and unique insight, as we elevate the cabin experience for clients seeking to upgrade an aging Falcon jet.

While we handcraft modern, one-of-a-kind works of art, our position as a leader in private jet completions gives our clients the benefit of intelligent investment advice, and simultaneously situates them well for a resale market, as we create an environment that is second to none.

We recognize that the journey is just as important as the destination, and understand both the technical and the design nuances that our clients desire onboard to facilitate their business and personal goals.

We invite you to Experience Something Extraordinary with our conversation about what makes Falcon Jet one of the most iconic, sought-after private jets in the world and what’s on the horizon in their fleet of aircraft for aviation enthusiasts to look forward to.

In addition to our exclusive interview, our informative follow up Q+A with Don Pointer, Sr. Director, Marketing & Communications for Dassault Falcon Jet will leave you dreaming about owning your own Falcon Jet!


1. Highlight a few features from the new Falcon 10X that aircraft owners will be eager to enjoy?

Dassault addressed every small detail with our Falcon 10X.  Falcons are known to have the brightest cabin in the sky.  But, the 10X takes it so much further:  38 windows—the largest in the Falcon family—have been designed to provide ideal light distribution throughout the cabin with no dark spots.  There’s more total window area on the Falcon 10X than its closest competitors. 

2. How will the Falcon 6X and the Falcon 10X bring personal travel to the next level of luxury?

It’s about the cabin space—purposefully conceptualized and designed to create a seamless flying experience from your home and office to your Falcon.

3. With a military pedigree, Dassault has the distinct advantage of having cutting edge technology and engineering behind its designs. What innovations have come from the “military side” that may surprise aviation enthusiasts?

Dassault is in a unique position.  We design and manufacture fighter jets and Falcon business jets.  The same engineers and designers that build our Mach 2 Rafale fighter are the same that work on the Falcon programs.  Our advanced military technologies have many practical applications in our Falcon business jets.  This is how we stay ahead of our competitors and offer customers the most technologically advanced and most capable business jets in the world.  For example, our company developed digital flight control system in our Falcons shares the same DNA as the digital flight control system in our Rafale fighter jets. 

4. Personalization is a key factor for owners who want to be able to make their private jet unique and custom. How will the new Falcon models accommodate the various needs of owners today?

Our philosophy with our new Falcon 10X was to recreate your home or office experience inside the 10X.  What separates this airplane from others is the sheer size of the cabin.  It will simply be the biggest and most comfortable on the market and will offer greater flexibility with a wide selection of interior configurations.  Customers will have the ability to create completely customized interiors—different lengths of the four interior zones will create an interior space to each individual’s liking.  Expanded dining sections?  A dedicated entertainment section?  Private stateroom with a queen sized bed?  All possible with our Falcon 10X.

5. You have been involved in the industry for over 3 decades. What is your favorite aspect of aviation?

The people—everyone involved in this industry is unique, engaging and passionate.  It makes for a great creative environment and long lasting relationships.

6. How did the three engine configuration originally come to fruition? What do consumers love about it? What should they know about the new Falcon 10X and its 2 engine configuration?

Dassault has collaborated with Rolls Royce for the Falcon 10X program which will feature Pearl 10X engines.  The Pearl 10X will combine the Advance2 engine core—the most efficient core in business aviation—with a high performance low pressure system to produce 18,000lbs of thrust.  The engine will have the ability to run on 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel for a greener flight.

7. How is the Dassault family of aircraft keeping up with the ever evolving business trends and travel needs of entrepreneurs, CEO’s and UHNW individuals?

Dassault has been at the forefront of developing groundbreaking technologies for business aviation and elevating the customer experience for decades.  Our newest Falcons, the 6X and the 10X, elevate both—combining the latest in technology with an unrivaled cabin flexibility and experience.

8. Reveal a Falcon Fun Fact we need to know!

Every (original) Falcon 10 coming from the factory performed an in-flight barrel roll as part of the test flight.

9. Our tag line is Experience Something Extraordinary®. How does that resonate with the Dassault Falcon Jet philosophy?

Our founder, Marcel Dassault, once said “For a plane to fly well, it must be beautiful.”  That quote today still guides us.