Dolce Vita Destination - Far Niente Wine Estate, Napa Valley

Far Niente Vineyard in Napa Valley
The Main House on the Far Niente Property


Dolce Vita Destination - Far Niente Wine Estate, Napa Valley

The Napa Valley Region in California is a jet-setters playground, complete with all the essentials to ensure a memorable getaway: fine dining, beautiful weather, luxurious resorts and many of the most notable wineries found anywhere in the world.

International Jet Interiors President, Eric H. Roth and his wife Adrianne, count Far Niente Wine Estate as one of their favorites while enjoying time in Oakville in the Napa Valley .

Having indulged in various vintages from the Far Niente Wine Estate with clients, colleagues, friends and family, it is the Roth's pleasure to share an exclusive Q+A with Far Niente Vineyards Certified Sommelier, Nat Bandel, CS.

Adrianne Roth chats about all things "dolce vita" and the importance of enjoying precious time with Nat Bandel, CS.

Cheers to elevating your travel experience while in Napa, as well as while sharing precious time with friends, family and colleagues at 40,000 feet!

Far Niente Vineyards


Q: We have visited the Far Niente Wine Estate in Napa and have shared memorable experiences with colleagues learning about what makes the Far Niente collection so special. How would you convey the Far Niente experience to anyone who has never had the opportunity to visit?

A: It is a place like no other!  Perhaps, one of the most stunning properties in Napa.  Far Niente is a historical winery that sits up against the Mayacamas and overlooks the Oakville bench across the Napa Valley.  The landscaping and beautiful backdrop removes you from all of your worries.   You feel relaxed and comfortable while you are enjoying some of the Best wine that California has to offer.  The proprietors of Beth and Gil Nickels, used to own nurseries in Oklahoma and has created a “Shangri-La” appeal that is unrivaled with elegant flora and fauna. The tasting experience is very unique because of the history behind the location and the winery.  Originally built in the late 1800’s.  It also sits on some of the most valued vineyard land in the world.   To pay homage to our history we will often bring out library wine for you to sample.  We are very proud of our library at Far Niente Winery!  


Q: What’s your go-to vintage and bottle? 

A:  Great Question!  I have many.  My absolute favorite is the 2013 Far Niente Cabernet.  The best perk about my job is that I get to sell library wine to collectors all over the country.  I always suggest the 2013 Far Niente Cabernet.  It is one of the Best wines I have ever tasted in the Valley.  I feel it can still age for another 5-10 Years.  It is big and robust with dissolving tannins that coat your entire pallet.  There is always a big smile on my face when I’m drinking the 2013 Far Niente Cabernet.  For those collectors out there, some close seconds are the 2012, 2014 and 2016 vintages.


The Far Niente Family


Q: What bottle(s) would you suggest clients enjoy during a 5 hour flight at 40,000 ft and what would you pair it with? 

A: If you are pairing it on your flight with a meal, Far Niente Cabernet goes extremely well with a nice marbled piece of meat.  On the lighter side, the Far Niente Chardonnay will be best paired with poultry and fish.  The elegance, grace, and acidity of the Chardonnay also pairs nicely with salads and shellfish (my favorite pairing).  If you are enjoying a fine Cocktail Hour on your flight, I would go with the EnRoute “Les Pommier” Pinot Noir.  The “les Pommier” is from Russian River Valley in Sonoma and is the perfect wine for any occasion. It is lush with flavors and full of fruit.  The mouthfeel of this wine has you asking for more.  It is really hard to resist the EnRoute “Les Pommier” Pinot Noir.


Couture Gulfstream private jet completed by International Jet Interiors - featuring Far Niente Chardonnay


Q: Share a “Fun Fact” about Far Niente!

A: Many people ask about the name “Far Niente”.  What does it mean?  It actually means “to do nothing”, or “without a care”.  In fact there is an Italian saying “Il Dolce Far Niente” which translates into “the sweetness of doing nothing”.  Far Niente Family of Wine makes a beautiful dessert wine called Dolce.  Dolce is a perfect delight for those late evening flights.  We ask that you leave your cares and worries behind.  Just relax and be in the moment with the ones you care about and love.  It is the moments you share our wine with, that makes the experience that much sweeter. 


Q: Up and coming vintage we should know about and that you may want to share a “sneak peek“ of? 

A: Look out for the 2018 vintage!!  You heard it here first folks.  I expect them to sell quickly.  You should see the release of the 2018 Far Niente Cabernet in the Fall of 2020.  It was the perfect growing season with not many disruptions such as fires and such.


Nickel & Nickel, En Route, Far Niente, Bella Union & Dolce Collections


Q: What was the inspiration behind Far Niente Wine Estate?

A:  The purpose of Far Niente is to take you to a place that you have never realized.  If it is savoring a glass of wine at home with your ambitions, or in Napa at Far Niente Winery sipping with a clear mind and enjoying the moment.  It just takes you to a very comfortable place that you will enjoy time and time again.  The wine is that good. 


Q: Our tag line is “Experience Something Extraordinary®️”... what does that mean to you and the Far Niente Wine Estate?

A:  When in flight you are on a journey to a destination.  With each glass of Far Niente you are on a journey, either at 40,000 feet or at the comfort of your own home, and experiencing something extraordinary.  Every essence, fragrance, sip and nuance leads to sensations that guides that journey.  I love the tag line “Experience Something Extraordinary”.  It fits with everything we inspire to accomplish with wine.  Cheers and Enjoy!



About Far Niente Wine Estates: Far Niente was established in Oakville, CA in 1885 and prospered until the onset of Prohibition in 1919, when it was abandoned for 60 years. In 1979, Gil and Beth Nickel purchased the winery and adjacent vineyard, restored the building to historical standards and crushed the first Far Niente Cabernet Sauvignon at the winery in 1982, along with the winery’s fourth vintage of Chardonnay.  Far Niente helped create the high-end Napa Valley wine market and has served as the benchmark wine estate for more than three decades. The establishment of its sister wineries were the natural result of the owners’ continued exploration and experimentation in growing and making the great wines within Napa Valley and Russian River Valley. Dolce, the only North American winery devoted to a single-late harvest Napa Valley wine was introduced in 1989. Nickel & Nickel, launched in 1997, is focused on producing single-vineyard, 100 percent varietal, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. EnRoute, established in 2007 in the Russian River Valley, is dedicated to the appellation’s Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Most recently Bella Union, is devoted to Napa Valley Cabernet Blends and located along Bella Oaks Lane in Rutherford.  Together the wineries comprise Far Niente Family of Wines.

About Nat Bandel, CS: Nat Bandel has been working in wine for over 20 years. Currently at Far Niente Wine Estates, he works as a Private Client Representative selling wine directly to clients and collectors. Nat began his journey in Temecula Valley before heading to Orange Coast Winery to manage their tasting room in Newport Beach, CA. During this time, he took courses under Master Sommelier Peter Neptune, and earned his Certified Sommelier certificate. Shortly thereafter, in 2014, he moved to Napa and continued his passion for fine wine sales at the renowned wineries of Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars and Freemark Abbey. Nat is married his wife, Melissa, who also works in private client wine sales in Napa. When not indulging in delicious food and wine pairings, they enjoy hiking and traveling, especially with their two year-old Irish Doodle named Rosie.