Elevate Your Travel Experience: Aman Resorts


Amanjena, Morocco - Swimming Pool


We travel the world collecting unique experiences, seeking handcrafted treasures for clients and gathering inspiration that forever changes our field of vision. At International Jet Interiors, our curiosity and interactions throughout our journeys encourage us to dream bigger, guide us to practice with passion and enable us to constantly elevate our craft of creating the finest aircraft environments.

While visiting a client on a trip to India, we made our way from New Delhi to Mumbai and enjoyed a most memorable experience at Aman-I-Khas in Rajasthan. The level of service, as well as the attention to nuance and detail felt as if we were highlighting goals and philosophy in one of our very own IJI company-wide meetings back in New York.

Our clients are leaders in their industries, as well as some of the most prominent and well known individuals around the world. Collectively, our clientele repeatedly share that they select International Jet Interiors for the highest standard in aviation. Over the past 34 years, we have consistently raised the bar in private aviation and have elevated what expectations in design, detail, service, craftsmanship and communication should be.

At the top, industry leaders appreciate honest dialogue and take opportunity to learn and strive higher by collaborating, and sharing fresh perspectives. It was a pleasure speaking with Aman’s Regional Director of Sales in the USA & Latin America, Karime (prounced Kar-E-Mey) Buraye and sharing experiences and philosophy for what it takes to create extraordinary experiences and memorable moments.

Amanyara, Providenciales, Turk & Caicos - Grand Reflecting Pond


Q: Our jet-setter clients are flying privately for privacy, convenience, safety, and time management. Additionally, they enjoy the opportunity to travel to remote locations with considerable ease. Share the “Aman experience” from the moment our clients touch down on the runway.

A: Upon arrival, many first timers feel like "guests"... but by the time we are escorting them back to the tarmac, clients leave as "family."  When I first touch-down and I’m en-route to any one of the Aman properties, I look forward to breathing the fresh air in through the vehicle windows and absorbing the beauty of unfamiliar sounds and fragrant aromas that surround me. Our concierge drivers are connoisseurs of their local areas and have a gift for offering personal insight and compelling tales of specialties indigenous to the region. Each Aman property tells a special story and has its own unique feel. As a result, we have become renowned for our unflagging commitment and the most rigorous attention to detail, along with levels of service that are second to none.

Amanpuri, Thailand - Accommodation, Villa 35, 7-Bedroom Ocean Villa, Pool


Q: How are the locations selected for each unique Aman resort?

A: As part of Aman’s pathfinder spirit, we chose natural or historical settings of extraordinary provenance in pioneering locations.  Aman’s formula has always comprised of unspoiled remote locations offering a generosity of space, sublime privacy, local cuisine and the relaxed elegance of feeling as if one was in a private home with no set dining hours, limited rules, no signage, and no bills. Aman’s serene sanctuaries are destinations unto themselves, away from the crowds, many of which are surrounded by nature and with wellness at the heart.

Aman Summer Palace, China - Arrival Pavilion


Q: Share a “fun fact” about a few of the Aman properties.

A: There are so many! I'll share a few of my favorites:

  • Amanera has its own cigar salon, stocked with Amanera cigars, plus some of the most popular brands from the Caribbean and Central America. The resort’s resident cigar roller is on hand to offer private classes in the art of cigar-rolling.
  • The eight-bedroom Villa Milocer at Aman Sveti Stefan overlooks the Adriatic Sea from its position on the mainland and was once the summer residence of Queen Marija Karadjordjevic.
  • At Amanpuri teens can learn to make their own movies. With a Go-Pro and digital room, kids can capture some amazing footage, learn how to edit extreme sports videos and create a soundtrack to accompany their film. I am eagerly awaiting to hear one day in the future about an Aman "family member" whose career began with us!
Amanpuri, Thailand - Resort, Main Pool, Night, Lobby


Q: We go to all lengths to achieve a client’s request. What is one of the most memorable requests from an Aman guest?   

A: The concierge at Amanpuri, Phuket was once asked by a regular client who has a passion for the colour pink to find her a pink Vespa that she could use to explore the resort. Of course, he managed to source one for her and she was so thrilled that a week later she requested a Fiat 500 convertible once again in pink to match her Vespa. The Fiat took a little longer to track down (4 days) but he succeeded!

Aman-I-Khas, Rajasthan, Ranthambore National Park  - Luxury Tent Bedroom and Lounge


Q: One of our favorite Aman properties is Aman-I-Khas in Ranthambore, India. We particularly love how the culture of the region was beautifully woven through each experience throughout the resort. How is this achieved throughout the Aman portfolio of resorts?

A: Blending with its natural setting, yet sophisticated and elegant Aman-I-Khas in Ranthambore, like each Aman property, is unique to its destination. To design our properties, we take cues from the culture, history and geography of each location. The design detail and structure of Aman destinations assist in revealing, concealing and framing a dialogue with its environment. In addition, our on-property teams are always from the local area which means guests can learn about the culture of the region through them. We know travel touches your soul and each Aman property connects you to your destination through hand curated experiences uniquely integrated throughout the property.

Amandari, Udud, Bali, Indonesia - Suite Views


Q: Our tagline at International Jet Interiors is “Experience Something Extraordinary®” – what does that mean to you and the Aman experience?

A: At Aman, guests find their sanctuary, a sense of calm and familiarity in our ‘places of peace’. That is the enduring spirit of Aman. Like International Jet Interiors, Aman properties are able to consistently achieve greatness because we maintain an exclusive, “boutique” perspective. We understand our clients and place the highest priority on creating an extraordinary, magical experience with the highest level of human touch – as if an invisible eye is always watching and waiting for an opportunity to heighten an interaction. Similar to how you describe the subtle, individual nuances added to the extraordinary aircraft experiences your company handcrafts – is exactly how Aman ensures the most luxuriously personalized stay for each guest. As each aircraft tells its own story, so too do our Aman properties, each with their own unique, beautiful story.