How Would You Outfit Your Own Private Jet and Would Your Dining Preferences Include Sushi, Caviar or Tequila?

Clase Azul Custom Tequila Bar on a Private jet
Custom Tequila Bar designed and handcrafted onboard a GIVsp by International Jet Interiors

Ronkonkoma, New York (PRWEB) March 21, 2023

Take a VIP seat as International Jet Interiors gives you a
glimpse onboard their latest high profile private jet completions. Regardless of whether you know whose
aircraft it is (sorry – we will not reveal!), just know that you will never look at private air travel the same way
again. This exclusive insight allows you to visualize private jet travel and highlights the special details and
design elements that are incorporated.
Located just outside of New York City, International Jet Interiors creates elevated, enjoyable experiences from
the moment an aircraft owner steps onto the airstair and enters their custom designed and newly refurbished
Today, an aircraft owner’s ability to seamlessly transition as they travel from one location to the next is
paramount. All aspects of their journey and opportunities to heighten an experience are considered when
designing a custom couture cabin. Consideration is given to the owner’s personality, their profession, elements
that soothe and relax them, dining, seating, and sleeping preferences, connectivity needs, whom they travel
with, continents they frequent, and even if they are right or left-handed or ambidextrous.
Early on in his career, International Jet Interiors President, Eric H. Roth, was outfitting an aircraft for race car
champion Mario Andretti, and recounts one of the most insightful conversations that was shared while
designing the aircraft. Roth describes, “As we talked about the physical demands of being a professional driver,
I quickly realized the toll a race took on my client both mentally and physically. Mr. Andretti shared that the
esthetic lines and patterns were extremely vivid to him, so while we were in the design stage, I tried to put
myself in his position and analyzed the various grain options before deciding upon and incorporating an evenly
distributed and rather soothing wood grain. The result was my client’s ability to quiet the mind after a grueling
day and the way the gentle “pattern” helped to create a slow, calming, consistent visual which in turn facilitated
the recovery after a big race." Roth continues: "I recognized the importance of truly understanding our client's
as well as the gravity of the decisions we were making. Right then and there, it became evident that private jet
travel was not just a means to the next location - the journey was just as important as the destination."
"Decades later, I am certain that our exceptional level of detail and the depths with which we go to ensure we
incorporate meaningful and special nuances is what makes our organization the finest in the world. I never
forgot that important dialogue, the impact it made on our design decisions, and how it shaped me to be
insightful and attune to even the most minute essence in order to achieve extraordinary environments for our
In addition to an individual owner’s needs, the team at IJI considers if the aircraft will be chartered and how
that option will affect modifications designed specifically with the principal in mind. Financial implications,
short and long-term goals, as well as holding costs and length of ownership of a particular model are also
considered by International Jet Interiors when modifying and outfitting a private jet.
A recent Gulfstream modification and refurbishment by International Jet Interiors featured a custom Clase Azul
Tequila bar nestled away in the aft cabin. As a gift to a client who is an avid tequila enthusiast, the team at IJI
handcrafted a custom cantina, complete with the iconic blue and white tequila bottle and authentic barware,
giving the owner the ability to create a party on the plane at 38,000 feet just by lifting the lid of the custom
credenza. To elevate the "night club" environment even further, IJI incorporated sound pulsating, multi color
disco lights for the aft cabin.

Prefer to work while in route? How about an exact replica of your home or office workstation, complete with
dual elevating monitors, tailored precisely to accommodate your measurements and your favorite seated
position in the cabin seat? A seamless transition from home, to office, to jet. When not in use, the monitors
simply fold into the desk and double as an expansive table and counter for dining, and food display.
Bluetooth connectivity, streaming, USB ports and multi user WIFI capabilities are priorities among clients for
both their personal use and for prospective charter purposes. Useful innovations IJI incorporated onboard a
recent Gulfstream completion included a custom sidewall ledge slot designed for an owner’s iPhone. Outdated
cupholders were given an upgrade and purpose, so the owner would be able to easily charge and have access to
their phone at their seat without wires tangling, impeding their activity. Additionally, IJI ensures music, movies
and more are accessible at the touch of an iPhone the moment their client steps onboard.
Sushi loving clients and food enthusiasts appreciate the focus on food specific plating options and the custom
array of serve wear outfitted on an IJI luxury aircraft. Custom handcrafted chopsticks to match the interior and
metal plating? Of course. Custom linens to beautifully accommodate each dining interaction? Naturally.
Christofle caviar service for mid-flight fete? Yes, please. Disposable snack-ware to rival and mimic the finest
dishware and flatware onboard? Ready for use anytime. Every aspect of the luxury experience is considered
and uniquely facilitated by the team at IJI.
The next time you look up and see a private jet in the sky, imagine the level of detail that has been incorporated
and have some fun trying to figure out what the owner selected for the décor and dinner, and the possibilities of
where they are heading.

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