International Jet Interiors X Bernardaud

International Jet Interiors Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet Featuring Bernardaud Sauvage Porcelain
Bernardaud's Sauvage porcelain lends itself beautifully to Experience Something Extraordinary®


“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” - Henry David Thoreau 

Conceiving extraordinary experiences in the air is our passion. We handcraft the finest private jet environments, and continuously seek creative and meaningful ways to fabulously build upon the flying foundations we have created. Our desire to elevate the private jet experience began over three decades ago, and continues to expand into every facet of our clients' business and personal travel today.

Our team takes a unique approach to aircraft completions, honing in on the very nuances that make each jet special and highly personalized to their owner. One such perspective we consider, is the purpose with which the aircraft is being used and how we can create a seamless, effortless, "feel good" experience each time the owner and their guests step onboard. We recognize that the time spent between take off and landing matters just as much, if not more, as the time that will be spent at the destination.

Uninterrupted hours spent together on your private jet is priceless. We make sure you don't forget it.

International Jet Interiors Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet Featuring Bernardaud Jardin Indien Porcelain
"Friendship And Other Essays" by Henry David Thoreau mini, leather bound books are an added special touch to complement Bernardaud's Jardin Indien porcelain


Over the years, we have identified companies and brands whose passion, craftsmanship and heritage align with ours, and with whom we trust to meet our and our esteemed clientele's expectations for excellence.

Bernardaud, featured in the finest restaurants, hotels, estates and onboard our aircraft completions around the world, is a leader in handcrafting bespoke porcelain.

International Jet Interiors Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet Featuring Bernardaud Jardin Indien Porcelain
Bernardaud Jardin Indien for a gorgeous galley display


With our artist vision and their ability to weave a tale with porcelain pieces, we thoughtfully and carefully hand select Bernardaud when the pairing permits onboard our couture aircraft. The stories and purpose behind the patterns resonate with us and our clients and adds a layer of luxury and a memorable cabin experience.

Whether lingering on a divan while sipping coffee, sharing stories over sushi, or highlighting "what's next" on the agenda while dining at 40,000 feet, the interactions convey a special importance, as your gaze lands on a purposefully selected Bernardaud pattern. Preferred for the conversation that the unexpected designs and whimsical spirit of the patterns inspire, and for the indelible memory of cherished time spent together created while onboard; our goal for our clients remains consistent while outfitting their aircraft - Experience Something Extraordinary®.

International Jet Interiors Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet Featuring Bernardaud, SFERRA and Christofle
International Jet Interiors Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet Featuring Bernardaud Jardin Indien Porcelain


We invite you to Experience Something Extraordinary® as we share our exclusive Q+A with Bernardaud:

Q: How has Bernardaud been able to maintain their level of expertise and craftsmanship for over 5 generations?
Since 1863, when Bernardaud was established in Limoges, the quest for excellence, quality and creation have always been part of the company’s DNA as well as the will to pass it down to the next generation. These complex and specific know-how, perpetuated from generation to generation are combined today with the latest technology allowing the most beautiful porcelain to be produced.

Q: Where does inspiration come from when designing the various Bernardaud porcelain patterns?
Unlike fashion that must renew constantly its collections, the challenge for us is to create timeless collections, yet keeping them with the time – either with our in-house design studio or by calling upon contemporary and international artists and designers. The specificity of Bernardaud is to create a wide range of styles from the most classic to the most contemporary. Whatever your taste is, you will very likely find a pattern that suits your taste in our collection!

Q: What goes into the process when Bernardaud features artists such as Jeff Koons, Joan Miro, Sarkis and Chagall with collaborations in porcelain?
It is all about encounters that happen over a lifetime, through the generations. Whether they are chefs, designers, artists… the House always tries to push the limits of porcelain to meet their requirements and conceive unique collections. It is a chance to be a family business as the relations grows in time between the artists and the Bernardaud family allowing the creation of privileged bonds. One project often leads to another... and this is how the relationships builds on. When it comes to deceased artists, Bernardaud is lucky to develop a trusting and long-lasting relationship with members of the family, such as the grandchildren of Joan Miro, Marc Chagall and Alexandre Calder for example, to create exclusive collaborations with unseen archives.

Q: What is the Bernardaud “mantra”?
Bernardaud's mantra is based on three pillars: know-how, creativity and innovation.

Q: How do you feel the dining experience has evolved over the years and where do you see it going?
A well-dressed table is always the promise of a special moment! A white tablecloth, beautiful plates and shining glasses will always offer magic and a special experience. This past year, due to the Covid crisis, we have noticed an exceptional craze around the art de la table, easily explained by people who has spent more time at home.

Q: Why do many of the finest dining establishments select Bernardaud on which to serve their cuisine?
For a few reasons such as the quality of its porcelain, its amazing whiteness and resistance, the variety of styles that will suit their dining rooms, as well as its capacity to propose bespoke collections. Bernardaud is striving to meet their professional needs to help them create an unforgettable experience.

Q: Which porcelain would you select to serve classic burgers and fries at 40,000 feet?
A gilded and elaborated collection because it is unexpected. This would create a real contrast that would confirm that any dish can be enhanced by porcelain.

Q: Which was the very first Bernardaud porcelain pattern?
The first service that was an important moment for the company was created in 1867 for the wife of Napoleon III, the Empress Eugenie de Montijo; a special pattern for her visit to Limoges, large roses in full bloom in the English style, so different from what was usually created in France at the time: small rose buds.

Q: How long does it take to become a master craftsperson with Bernardaud?
If you ask our craftsmen working in the manufacture, some for more than twenty or thirty years, they will answer the same thing: “we are still learning every day”. Thanks to the creativity of the company as well as to new technologies, they are led to always create new and complex pieces. The craftsmen are constantly adapting and surpassing their know-how as Bernardaud is inventing new shapes and designs over the years.

Q: What’s the secret and story behind some of the most iconic white porcelain that is part of the Bernardaud family?
Several reasons explain the success of Bernardaud’s white collections: First of all, the magnificence beauty of the white, allowing to fit any interiors, as they are timeless and elegant… Certain forms are of classical inspiration, others contemporary, some decorated with engravings, others completely smooth. Unlike other ceramics, porcelain is really magic due to its fineness, whiteness, hardness, translucence and even sonority: try to tinkle a tea cup, it sounds like crystal!

Q: Our tagline at International Jet Interiors is Experience Something Extraordinary®. What does that mean to you and how does it relate to the Bernardaud product line?
Bernardaud and International Jet Interiors share the same high level of excellence and expertise, which is part of their DNA. Their requirements complement each other and both can offer a genuine experience to their customers, from sky to the table.


We invite you to Experience Something Extraordinary® as we feature leaders in luxury Bernardaud, SFERRA and Christofle in our Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet.