International Jet Interiors X SFERRA Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet

International Jet Interiors X SFERRA Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet
International Jet Interiors X SFERRA Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet


Leaders in luxury lifestyle, International Jet Interiors and SFERRA, joined together for a special Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet.


We all agree that time is the greatest luxury, and the ability to share memorable, meaningful and precious time with friends and family; whether en-route on your private jet at 40,00 feet, gathering together in your kitchen, dining in a fine restaurant or entertaining in your backyard... is priceless.

At International Jet Interiors, each one of our private jet interiors tells a unique story; custom designed for our clients and purposefully created for their enjoyment, comfort and individual needs. We recognize that the journey is just as important as the destination and believe the time spent onboard needs to be treated as an experience and not simply just as a means of transportation.

Our passion for perfection is rooted in our philosophy of Experience Something Extraordinary®. Our master craftspeople are passionate about their trade and bring their expertise, vision and dedication to excellence to each aircraft we complete. Our team takes aircraft completions to an entirely new level of extraordinary, as we envision and create the most enjoyable spaces onboard and align ourselves with the very best brands who share a philosophy of luxury, handcrafted heritage and a passion for elevating an experience as well.

So, while we design, engineer and incorporate the latest technology onboard our custom aircraft completions, we equally dedicate important time and attention to outfitting an aircraft with luxuries and special touches including the finest cashmere, linens, pillows, accessories, art, glassware, silverware and dishware to optimize time spent onboard.

In addition to sharing a special Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet with SFERRA's V.P. of Marketing and Communications, Jaime Jimenez, we invited SFERRA's CEO, Michelle Klein, to share further insight into the remarkable 130 year Italian heritage and the unsurpassed craftsmanship that distinguishes SFERRA as the pinnacle of luxury entertaining. Authentic and engaging, we are happy to share our exclusive Q+A , as we know you will love learning more about the iconic brand and connecting with their passion and purpose that starts at the top.



Every private jet we complete tells its own unique story. We take the opportunity to get to know our clients’ lifestyle, their flying preferences and stay focused on what will make their experiences onboard the most comfortable, most memorable and most enjoyable. After all, the journey is just as important as the destination. We appreciate each special nuance of dining and love the way SFERRA linens heighten each experience. 

Q: Handcrafted luxury and unrivaled attention to detail is the core value of the SFERRA brand. What is the secret behind being able to successfully maintain these high standards for the past 130 years?

A: At SFERRA we treasure our long-standing relationships with our mills, they understand our expectation of what high quality and expert craftsmanship is all about and what our customers have come to expect of us. Our mills continuously maintain a high level of workmanship that allows us to offer a best-in-class experience for our discerning clients that will continue to last for the next 130 years.

Q: When did your passion for luxury lifestyle bloom and how has being an integral part of SFERRA team enriched your life?

 A: My parents were interior designers and as a teenager, I would work summers with them so my exposure to luxury and design happened early on. Those summer experiences helped form my career path to companies that produce beautiful luxury products. When I arrived at SFERRA 5 years ago, I was not only impressed with the craftsmanship and beauty of the product, but also with the team behind bringing our products to fruition, from design, to the sourcing of the finest materials available, to weaving them into what makes SFERRA the leader in the market.  We have grown together taking SFERRA from a luxury bed and bath linens company to a luxury lifestyle brand, and the team has been an integral part of that transition.

Q: SFERRA has an interesting link to aviation from back in the late 70’s. Many probably don’t know that SFERRA had the honor of creating the bespoke bedding on Pope John Paul II’s aircraft on his first visit to the United States. What was it about SFERRA that caught the eye of the Pope, and similarly, why do Queens, Presidents and many of the most notable individuals and establishments around the world seek out SFERRA?

 A: Our recipe for beautiful products has always been the same. Work with the best raw materials and craftsmen in the world to create the most beautiful products available in the market.  I am certain the Pope was taken with the beautiful fabrics, the feel and the details on the bedding, which is the same reason SFERRA has been the choice for royal houses, celebrities, boutique hotels, private jet and yacht owners and homes around the world for many, many years. When you have that formula in place it makes an easy decision for any notable customer.

Q: Where does the inspiration come from for new products? What can we look forward to next from SFERRA?

A: The design team at SFERRA gets their inspiration from many outlets: the fashion world, home trends, art, architecture, interior design are just a few that come to mind. There are some beautiful colors and texture trends that we will be incorporating in the upcoming new Fall designs. We are also always working on new product categories to introduce as our clients love to incorporate SFERRA in all parts of their home, not just the bedding.

Q: What is the first element you notice when you see a bed completely dressed in SFERRA? Share your perfect bedding ensemble.

A: For me, I love layers on a bed. It looks very inviting and cozy. I am a big believer in seasonal changeouts. Whether it is summer with a crisp linen duvet and a light cotton blanket or a Fall/winter bed in a warm sateen for the duvet and sheeting with a coverlet as another layer. I think it is essential to switch out your bed for the seasons.  I also love different sizes of pillows, with various textures coordinating back to the bed. It pulls the bed together and really creates a story in the room.

Q: When designing a table scape, where do you like to start? What would be your go table linen style of choice?

A: I agree with you that it is important to tell a story. Personally, I am excited to start entertaining again, I am a firm believer that tables like beds can be elevated for everyday luxury living. It makes the experience much nicer. You do not need a special occasion to make your table look extra special. My go-to linen is Festival, you can’t go wrong because we have 101 colors to choose from and to play with when designing a table. When I entertain I usually have a color in mind that will be driving my table scape choices. From there I will build up, depending on how formal or not I want it to be, using a tablecloth or just placemats and a runner to create a base on the table. Whatever the base is I will add a pop of color with dinner napkins and flowers or other accent pieces on the table. I really believe you should have fun when creating a table, mix and match, constantly change the motif, setting the mood is always as fun as when we sit down to enjoy the meal with family, friends, or both.

Q: Once our clients become accustomed to the beautiful feel of SFERRA linens onboard their private jets, they inevitably want to bring that luxury into their homes, introduce it onto their yachts and share the experience with friends and family. In addition to IJI, where can SFERRA be purchased for personal use or a special luxury gift?

A: We are very fortunate that we have many wonderful options for clients to purchase SFERRA. We have our own ecommerce site which has our entire assortment of product. We also sell to over 800 independent specialty retail stores across the US and Canada in addition to all major department stores.  SFERRA can also be found in the luxury linens area on the home floor at world-renowned Harrod’s in London, as well as in our recently opened boutique in Southampton, New York.

Q: Experience Something Extraordinary® is our tagline at International Jet interiors. How does that resonate with the SFERRA brand?

A: SFERRA is very much in line with International Jet Interiors’ tagline. We believe when using our products the client experiences everyday luxury. For example, adding color with Festival or whimsy with the Bombo napkins makes a meal whether at home or in one of your beautifully designed jets much more enjoyable. Or when they are relaxing during flight, covered with our soft cashmere throw, the client’s experience will be heightened and more memorable. I am confident SFERRA will help create a wonderful experience for your clients, whether on board or at home.


International Jet Interiors X SFERRA Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet
International Jet Interiors handcrafted private jet environments take every aspect of travel into consideration


We recognize that dining lends itself to creating beautiful shared spaces, and offers the opportunity to elevate an experience into a special moment enjoyed by all.  Touchpoints are reimagined, as we hone in on our clients' preferences and how to make them feel most comfortable and at home the moment they step onboard their aircraft.

International Jet Interiors X SFERRA Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet
Custom embroidered Jetsetter Dinner Napkin for International Jet Interiors


We consider the way subtle nuances, like the feel of a SFERRA crisp linen tablecloth or a 1/1 personalized napkin, will heighten traveler excitement and simultaneously remind you: this is something special.

International Jet Interiors X SFERRA Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet
Handcrafted luxury and bespoke details by International Jet Interiors


Experience Something Extraordinary® is integrated into every aspect of our private jet completions. No detail is left unimagined.

International Jet Interiors X SFERRA Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet
The feel of the Christofle MOOD Silverware in Gold elevates every dining experience.


Our Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet features Christofle Mood silverware in Gold, along with Bernardaud Jardin Indien porcelain, layered atop SFERRA Festival in Oyster and Lilac.

International Jet Interiors X SFERRA Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet
Bernardaud Jardin Indien Dinnerware evokes the feeling of being in an exotic garden


We appreciate dishware that tells a story, invokes memories and invites guests to share stories with each other.  Bernardaud Jardin Indien porcelain was purposefully selected for our Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet for their garden inspired design that immersed us in the midst of summer fun, tales of travel and a breathtakingly beautiful tablescape.

International Jet Interiors X SFERRA Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet
SFERRA's Bombo Dinner Napkins are a whimsical addition to any tablescape


If you listened close enough, you could even sense the gentle buzzing of the SFERRA Bombo Dinner Napkins high above the clouds.

International Jet Interiors X SFERRA Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet
Adrianne Roth, Private Client Relations for International Jet Interiors and Jaime Jimenez, V.P. of Marketing and Communications for SFERRA enjoying a Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet on a custom G550


Sharing precious time at a well-appointed table and raising an etched glass to toast to friendship in and of itself is a true luxury. Christofle Iriana is sophisticated stemware for the perfect toast - each and every time.

International Jet Interiors X SFERRA Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet
We added special touches to this Gulfstream G550 Galley including SFERRA's Insetti Cocktail Napkins, Christofle's Vertigo Tray and Christofle Iriana Stemware


Each one of these nuances and elevated experiences highlights the value of a relationship, and subtly reinforces the thought that was purposefully put into creating an environment... leaving your guests feeling special, and with cherished memories of time well spent together. The perfect pairing: Christofle Vertigo tray cradles Christofle Iriana stemware and conversation starter SFERRA Insetti cocktail napkins.

International Jet Interiors X SFERRA Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet
International Jet Interiors X SFERRA Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet included rare, mini essay books by Henry David Thoreau, delicately wrapped with leather found throughout this custom G550


Thoughtful gestures make an interaction even more special. Our Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet included rare, mini, leather bound books on Friendship by Henry David Thoreau and Short Stories. The hallmark of meaningful experiences includes sharing stories and deepening connections.

Thank you to Jaime Jimenez, SFERRA's V.P of Marketing and Communications for making our Summer Soiree at 40,000 Feet so memorable, enlightening and enjoyable. Cheers to Experiencing Something Extraordinary®